The Logbook

This is the logbook of the good ship Albion. Her continuing mission is to explore strange, new anchorages, to seek out tropical beaches and new foods made with chocolate or garlic, to boldly sunbathe and ask the chef to make us more.

The voyage is always more important than the destination. If anything is going to happen, it's going to happen out there. Except for rest, parties, meeting new friends and replenishing the Agave Juice. Here are some of the places we've been, where we'd like to go in the future, and a few tales about the voyages in between.

Honolulu V

Not Under Command

02 June 2017

My favorite definition of "Luck" is "where opportunity meets preparation". It's short, easy to understand and fits most situations. But, sometimes, once in a while, luck is just a matter of making a simple choice that, at the time, doesn't seem very important.

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26 May 2017

We went to Molokai because it was on the way to Hilo. What began as just another routine sight-seeing jaunt was transformed by chance and happenstance into a memorable adventure.

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Honolulu IV

The Big "C"

May 2017

Some people say that life is what happens while you're off making plans. They might be right.

Tuuli and I were starting to have fun in Honolulu. My medical issues had been resolved - those that could not be fixed were being medicated. We had found a home and family at the Hawaii Yacht Club. We were trying to decide where to go next. Life was good. Then Tuuli went to the doctor for a routine check-up, and life happened.

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Honolulu III

The Hawaii Yacht Club

01 April 2016

The big news on the Society page is that Tuuli and I have staged a small coup and have become the darlings of the Hawaii Yacht Club. Now, anyone that knew me before I arrived in Hawaii would never think of using my name and "yacht club" in the same sentence. Not even in the same paragraph. But, truth is stranger than politics, and this story is as true as it is unlikely. And it's all because the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources only allows transients to rent a slip in a state marina for 120 days in any calendar year.

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Honolulu II

24 March 2016

A year ago life was not so good. I hurt. I needed a walker to go more than ten feet. I was having leftover parts from an Erector Set screwed onto my spine.

Everything is much better today. I feel good. I look good. Walking isn't comfortable, but I can make it half a mile. Maybe a little more on a good day.

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The Magical Medical Tour

15 June 2015

Honolulu is the Land of the Lotus Eaters. We've been here five months. Almost every day has been sunny. Rain has only fallen on Albion's deck three times. Every day has been warm, 75-85 Fahrenheit. If you must be beset by medical issues, this is the place to do it.

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Pago Pago, American Samoa

10 January 2015

We went to Pago Pago because it's one of those far-away places with a strange sounding name. And to pick up some repair parts. What we found was another cruiser vortex.

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Bora Bora, French Polynesia

15 September 2014

We went to Bora Bora because it was there.

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Raiatea, French Polynesia

14 September 2014

We couldn't resist putting the sails up once we were outside the reef at Moorea, even though the light winds were on the nose. The first 20 minutes or so were a blast, though we were making very little progress away from the reef. Finally, the wind picked up just enough for us to claw our way away from the surf and toward Huahine, our next island destination.

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Moorea, French Polynesia

25 July 2014

Moorea was a beautiful sight from our anchorage on the West side of Tahiti. Most evenings, the clouds and setting sun made it look like it was erupting again. We looked forward to spending time there.

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Tahita, French Polynesia

20 July 2014

We arrived in the vicinity of Tahiti before dawn on June 16, 2014. From miles away we could see the city lights of Papeete snaking up the mountainsides. We motored in circles for an hour until we were sure we could clearly see the harbor entrance for our approach.

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Tahanea, Tuamotus, French Polynesia

30 May 2014

Our departure from the Gambiers was delayed for several days while we waited for some deep lows to pass south of us. They studded our typically calm anchorage with whitecaps. One morning we were up at 2 a.m...

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Mangareva, Gambiers, French Polynesia

4 May 2014

Our time in the Gambiers was a mixture of relief, relaxation, work, and heartbreak.

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The Crossing II

09 May 2014

The water is blue. It's the bluest blue there is. It's pure blue. It's the thousand fathom blue. It's the blue you won't see close to shore. You have to go out where the water is deep and the land is far, far away.
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The Crossing

4 May 2014

On my 51st birthday, April 4, 2014, just before the morning high tide on the Rio Chone in Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador, the pilot came aboard Albion to help us navigate the shoals at the river mouth leading out into the Pacific.

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Ecuador, Part 2

1 Apr 2014

Once upon a time, back in Seattle, we had a couple of neighbors in the marina who were preparing their boat for cruising. The day before their departure, the female half of the crew climbed up into her cockpit with a glass of wine in her hand and proclaimed, "I'm done!" I marveled that anyone could reach the point before a departure where they felt they were "done" with the seemingly endless tasks it takes to prepare a boat for sea. I think I finally understand what she meant.

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Ecuador, Part 1

24 Jan 2014

At long last, we escaped the Panama City vortex bound for Ecuador.
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Panama, Part II

5 Jan 2014

Sometimes we get so involved with day-to-day boat work and goofing off we forget that the blog is waiting for a "Part II". Here is our attempt to catch up on our activities in the months since September.
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El Valle de Anton, Panama

20 November 2013

El Valle de Anton is a small village located inside the world's largest inhabited volcano. Our fellow cruisers from Grace and Armaugh got the ball rolling for a land excursion from our Panama City anchorage to see the village.
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Las Perlas, Part 1

22 September 2013

With our next round of boat supplies on order from the States, we decided to try to escape the Panama City vortex again and head for Las Perlas islands, the closest of which is about 30 miles from the City.
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Panama City Vortex

12 September 2013

Panama City is a vortex. It sucks you in, and never, ever, spits you out.
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Isla Taboga

05 September 2013

George wanted to dive to check our zincs (chuncks of sacrifical metal we screw to our prop and rudder to keep the useful metal from going away due to stray electrical currents). It is very important, but I wouldn't let him do it in the filthy water of Las Brisas. So we compromised on Isla Taboga, about 8 miles away.
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Panama, City

20 July 2013

We arrived at Panama City on a grey, wet, Saturday morning that was typical of the Panamanian rainy season.
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Panama, Part I

29 May 2013

We left Golfito, Costa Rica, on May 28 bound for somewhere in Panama--Armuelles or Isla Parida, we weren't sure. As we struggled against a headwind to sail out of Golfo Dulce, we hit an enormous floating tree (no damage), and watched with awe as a waterpout spun near shore.
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Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica

20 May 2013

Bahía Rincon was one of three locations we visited in Golfo Dulce (Sweet Gulf). It was an isolated little corner of paradise in the upper part of the gulf. There were a couple of houses on shore, and a few fishermen's pangas and the occasional vehicle on the road near shore, but other than that it was very quiet, green and calm. Madeline took the opportunity of the warm water to take her first tropical swim.
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Quepos, Costa Rica

12 May 2013

Our first day in Costa Rica was spent aboard our boat which, because we were still under quarantine until we cleared customs and immigration, was spent mostly on the internet and trying to stay cool.
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Mexico to Costa Rica

04 May 2013

We began the process of clearing out of Mexico with help from Guillermo at Marina Chiapas. 'Memo' (his nickname) drove us from Customs to Immigration to the Port Captain's office to get all the stamps and forms we needed to officially leave Mexico and allow us to enter another country.
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The Gulf of Tehuantepec

29 April 2013

We had planned to regroup in Bahía Huatulco, clean the diesel out of our stinking bilge, do some weather planning, then make the long trip through the Golfo de Tehuantepec to Puerto Chiapas, which is only 14 miles from the border with Guatemala.
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Zihuatenejo to Bahía Huatulco, Mexico

12 April 2013

We arrived off Bahía de Zihuatenejo just before midnight on Thursday, April 11. We were eager to get the hook down and get some rest, but as usual we were leery of entering a strange harbor in the dark. So we spent the rest of the night letting Albion wander slowly away from shore in light air while we waited for daylight.
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La Cruz to Barra de Navidad, Mexico

1 February 2013

After our Christmas boatyard stay in Mazatlan, we made the 172 nautical mile passage to Banderas Bay in one hop (we'd stayed put too long to want to linger and had seen the stops in between last year). We rounded Punta de Mita at the north end of Banderas Bay under sail in the dark on Friday.

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Altata, Sinaloa, Mexico

15 December 2012

Altata is a wonderful little seaside town, where the folks from Culiacán and Navolato come to spend a day by the water.

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Topolobampo, Sinaloa, Mexico

01 December 2012

We finally escaped from San Carlos. On our way out we cruised by Alegria to say goodbye to Brian and Mizzy. As promised on the VHF the night before, Brian gave us a traditional sendoff by blowing a conch shell his family had brought back from the South Pacific many years ago. Of course the sailorly ribbing about blow jobs was inevitable.

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San Carlos Part II, Mexico

26 September 2012

We found Bahia San Carlos even more comfortable than La Paz, the last location we had trouble leaving. We loved the geography, the anchorage, the weather--pretty much everything in San Carlos. Days on the hook grew into weeks, then into months. Finally, the only thing really motivating us to move on was the cool weather. Temps in the 60's at night were starting to get slightly uncomfortable.

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Isla San Luis to San Carlos, Mexico

03 September 2012

We left fascinating Isla San Luis southbound to re-visit Puerto Refugio on Isla Angel de la Guarda, one of our favorite anchorages.

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Isla San Luis, Baja California, Mexico

02 September 2012

There is something wrong with rocks that float. There is something especially wrong with floating rocks that look like floating fecal matter.

We found floating rocks, and a little bit more, at Isla San Luis.

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San Felipe to Bahia Willard, Baja California, Mexico

28 August 2012

We departed San Felipe in beautiful sunny weather and moderate southeast winds. In the summer here in the Sea of Cortez, the prevailing winds are typically southerly so we figured we'd have a beat to get back south no matter what. We both felt great about having Albion underway again and enjoyed an afternoon and evening of great sailing.
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Bahia Los Angeles to San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico

02 August 2012

We left Ensenada de Quemodo for a short, 6-mile trip to Bahia de los Angeles, where we anchored behind Punta Arena near the village on the bay. Soon we were introduced to Elefantes, strong localized westerlies that Bahia de los Angeles is prone to. These 20-30 knot winds blew sometimes all day, making dinghy rides a damp experience.
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Isla San Marcos to Ensenada de Quemado, Baja California, Mexico

16 July 2012

We departed Santo Domingo in Bahia Concepcion on Friday the 13th. I think George mentioned someting about the auspicious date, but I told him I thought we had departed on a Friday the 13th before and came out of it just fine. Perhaps there is something to the superstition, but I think our laziness is what got us in trouble this time.
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La Paz, Baja California Sur, Part II

14 June 2012

With the deck successfully caulked and plugged, and the Cape Horn problem deferred for further testing, we turned our attention to another critical project: spending some time being tourists.
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La Paz, Baja California Sur, Part I

14 May 2012

After our arrival at Marina Palmira, George took care of what turned out to be a lengthy task of paying for our moorage (translation issues and indecision about how long we were going to stay caused some difficulty), while I cleaned the decks of gear and rigged our awnings. We (and the deck) are going to need to stay out of the sun for the deck-recaulking project.
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Bahia de Los Muertos to Loreto Fest to La Paz

26 April 2012

The 200-mile crossing from Mazatlan to Baja California Sur was sunny and warm and blessedly uneventful. We sailed some and motored a lot. For a while a tired little bird used Albion for transportation. We wondered how and why it was out in the middle of the Sea of Cortez...
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Marina Vallarta

08 April 2012

Marina Vallarta is a 450 slip, full-service marina, completely surrounded by upscale shops, restaurants, condominiums, and a few very fine hotels. There is also really nice golf course right next door.
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La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit, Mexico
Part III

26 March 2012

We had just started to broach the idea of spending time in the marina at La Cruz, our first marina stay in about three months. There were a few things that we wanted to do that would be much easier in a marina, like removing the anchor snubber and scrubbing off the exotic, tropical...
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La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit, Mexico
Part II

18 March 2012

We have definitely arrived in Paradise. It's warm. it's sunny. There is nothing we have to do, and we have all day to finish doing it. And, if we don't get it done today, we'll have something to do tomorrow.
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La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit, Mexico
Part I

24 February 2012

We prepared to leave Bahia de Jaltemba early in the morning for the 32-mile trip to Punta de Mita. I got the engine running and the anchor up while George finished a blog update. I motored slowly, following the shoreline so he could finish the upload before we were out of cell range.
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Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico

19 February 2012

We arrived in Chacala on a Sunday afternoon. There were lots of happy people there.
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Ensenada de Matanchen and the Rio Tovara Jungle Tour

18 February 2012

We hopped from San Blas to Ensenada de Matanchen, only about 5 miles away. We decided taking the Jungle Tour on the Rio Tovara would be a neat experience.
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San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico

14 February 2012

I would have been perfectly happy to avoid the bar crossing at San Blas and anchor in Ensenada Matanchen. George, ever the adventurous one, thought it would be fun to anchor in the estuary, right near town. We decided we would take a peek at the bar crossing (our first) and decide whether or not it was something we wanted to negotiate.
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Isla Isabel, Nayarit, Mexico

14 February 2012

We left Mazatlan, bound for Isla Isabel, on an absolutely beautiful afternoon. It was 1400 on Friday, the 10th of February. Sailors, being a superstitious bunch, say you should never begin a voyage on a Friday. Or on a 13th for that matter. They say it's bad luck.
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Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

29 January 2012

We misread the weather report and assumed we would have wind speeds in the mid-teens for the crossing of the Sea of Cortez to mainland Mexico. Don't know where our heads were that day. The winds were indeed moderate until we reached the east side of Baja. I had just turned in for an off-watch nap, looked up and was perplexed by the spray coating the portlights. What the heck? We only get spray there if...Wow! Look at those waves!
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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

26 January 2012

We'd never been to Cabo San Lucas, but we'd heard a lot about it. Some good. More bad. We had to see for ourselves.
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Bahia Santa Maria, Mexico

16 January 2012

We bashed our way into Bahia Santa Maria a couple of hours before dawn. Though we had anchored without incident in the dark in Bahia Asuncion, I felt apprehensive about doing so in this bay. Dawn finally broke and we dropped the hook in about 25 feet of water in the northeast part of the bay.
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Bahia Asuncion, Mexico

14 January 2012

It's about 55 miles from Bahia de Tortugas to Bahia Asuncion. A few miles more if you give Isla Asuncion a wide berth to avoid a close encounter of the worst kind with dirt.
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Turtle Bay, Mexico

08 January 2012

We motored away from Cedros Island in calm, sunny weather. Soon we were dodging dozens of crab or lobster pot floats and waving hello to the fishermen in the handful of pangas zooming past us. We were trying to be vigilant about the location of all the floats, but they would often quickly appear from behind the waves and swells and surprise us. One we missed completely until a "wonk!" on the underside of Albion told us that we'd failed. Fortunately, the line did not foul our prop.?
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Isla Cedros, Mexico

07 January 2012

Ensenada was charming, the people friendly, and the architecture interesting, but the winter evenings were much too chilly. We had to go farther South. But, where? mexflag
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Ensenada to Isla Cedros, Mexico

1 Jan 2012

We left Ensenada in the early afternoon on a 240-mile passage to Isla Cedros. There was light wind and fog. Visibility was about 3 miles. Porpoises came to play almost immediately, but we had only one whale sighting this time. We motored to the waypoint for our southbound turn which gave us time to run the watermaker--something we need to do every 3-5 days to keep the thing in good working order. mexflag
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Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

27 Dec 2011

We left Mariner's Basin in San Diego around 10 a.m. for our trip south. We motored for a while in calm weather, then hoisted the poled-out yankee when the wind picked up. It was still very light, but we decided not to mess with the mainsail since we had so much time to get to Ensenada for a daytime arrival. San Diego Sunrise
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San Diego

10 Nov-26 Dec 2011

After a comfortable stay at the Dana Point Yacht Club (lucky timing--a gale blew through while we were safely tied to the dock) we did an overnight passage to San Diego. The sunrise was spectacular. San Diego Sunrise
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Newport Beach

08 Octobber 2011

From Long Beach, we traveled south twice in October to visit the lovely city of Newport Beach. Newport Beach
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Island White

05 Octobber 2011

Island White is about half a mile off the beach at Belmont Shore in Long Beach, California. It looks like something you'd see at Disneyland. It's only 250 feet across, planted with palm trees and other assorted shrubbery. Island White
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15 September 2011

The tiny city of Avalon is a world unto itself, hence it gets its own entry in the Logbook. Avalon
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Long Beach to Catalina

12 September 2011

We made a three-day, mostly uneventful passage from Half Moon Bay to Long Beach. Other than the usual problem with the self-steering locking up, and the mild fatigue that accompanies a passage, there wasn't much to write home about. The fog finally gave us a break to our great relief. The weather at dreaded Point Conception was very mild. The recommendations are to round the point at night to avoid high winds--we arrived mid-morning to sunshine and very light air. Long Beach Harobr
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Half Moon Bay

08 September 2011

We went to Half Moon Bay for the Labor Day festivities at the Half Moon Bay Yacht Club. We convoyed down from San Francisco with John and Nicki Stone on s/v Seychelles and Daragh Nagle and Cathryn O'Neill on s/v Chantey V. There would be a barbecue Saturday and an Hawaiian luau Sunday. It sounded like a perfect kind of party for wandering cruisers. The Golden Gate Bridge
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San Francisco Bay

26 Aug-2 Sep 2011

Our time in San Francisco Bay was an enjoyable whirlwind. We accomplished some important boat work, took family sailing, played tourist, and finally relaxed for a bit. The Golden Gate Bridge
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Bodega Bay to Drakes Bay, California

25 Aug 2011

After three weeks of land-time visiting with family and enjoying sunshine, we prepared for our next passage from Bodega Harbor to Drakes Bay. Drakes Bay
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Neah Bay To Bodega Bay

20 Aug 2011

Saturday, 30 August, 2011 is a day that will forever be pleasant in our memories. Tuuli and I had officially begun our world tour. It was also the first time we'd sailed on the ocean. What followed was seven days of fog, calm, storm, sun and rain. Tatoosh Island and Cape Flatery
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Port Townsend To Neah Bay

30 July 2011

It's about 80 miles from Port Townsend to Neah Bay, at the West end of the Strait of San Juan de Fuca. That's where you make The Left Turn To Paradise. Strait of San Juan de Fuca
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Bon Voyage

28 July 2011

Sometimes a meal is so good, you want it to go on forever. Jefferson County Courthouse
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The First Big Left

24 July 2011

We officially left Seattle on July 24, 2011 for the start of our voyage. We spent a night in Port Ludlow to avoid the forecasted (non-existent) thunderstorms and (non-existent) gales north of us. Jefferson County Courthouse
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Kopachuck State Park and Horsehead Bay

06 June 2011

Slowly making our way from Ballard to Olympia for George's daughter's graduation, and always eager to visit someplace new, we motored from Gig Harbor to Kopachuck State Park in Carr Inlet. The sky was overcast and the wind was dead calm until, of course, we picked up our mooring. Turn Island
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Port Ludlow to Eagle Harbor

22 Apr 2011

Cruising can sometimes be frustrating--not enough wind, too much wind, cold temperatures, gear failures, but every once in a while a day comes along that more than makes up for it. Turn Island
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Sucia Island State Park

18 Apr 2011

We got a remarkably early start for us (8 a.m.) on our way out of Prevost Harbor to Sucia Island. We knew we'd be bucking the current for most of the morning, but we didn't really anticipate how aggressive it would be. Sucia
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Stuart Island State Park

16 Apr 2011

Stuart Island is in the Northwest corner of the San Juan Islands, almost within shouting distance of the US/Canada boundary. It is hilly and wooded, with a rocky shore. The shape is rather unusual. Stuart Island
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Turn Island National Wildlife Refuge

13 Apr 2011

After a night's stay at Mackaye Harbor (Lopez Island) a cell-phone and wi-fi dead zone, we opted for a dose of civilization at Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. Turn Island
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Sequim Bay

10 Apr 2011

We got a late start from Port Townsend for our crossing of the Strait of Juan de Fuca (I just *had* to do the laundry and we needed a pumpout) so to avoid arriving after dark, we detoured to Sequim Bay State Park. It was actually our second trip there, but the first time we got the opportunity to go ashore. MarrowstoneIslandMap
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Fort Flagler

08 Apr 2011

Fort Flagler is a Washington State Park, located at the Northeast end of Marrowstone Island. From the 1890s to the 1950s, Fort Flagler's batteries of large guns guarded the entrance to Puget Sound. MarrowstoneIslandMap
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20 Mar 2011

Spring arrived yesterday. It was a little bit early here, about 36 hours ahead of the Vernal Equinox, but I didn't hear any complaints. Just exclamations of joy and relief. SnowyCompanionway
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McMicken Island State Marine Park

02 February 2011

We wanted to visit McMicken Island and, because it was on the way to Olympia from Jarrell Cove, it was the perfect stopover for a night.

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Jarrell Cove State Marine Park

01 February 2011

Jarrell Cove is about two miles down Pickering Passage from Case Inlet. The entrance to Pickering Passage is marked by the orange windsock in the lower left. It's easy to miss, especially with the Olympic Mountains in the background.

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Penrose Point State Park

27 January 2011

We motored most of the way from Gig Harbor to Penrose Point. We did have the drifter up for a few minutes of fun when the wind decided to tease us. We tied to one of the five mooring buoys on the south side of Penrose Point.

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Gig Harbor

25 January 2011

We had a very light air drift from Point Defiance to the south end of Colvos Passage where the wind died completely. We motored the rest of the way to Gig Harbor's public dock at Jerisich Park.

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Point Defiance

24 January 2011

We sailed (and motored some) in light wind from Blake Island to Point Defiance Marina near Tacoma, with a stop in Des Moines for fuel.

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Blakely Harbor

20 January 2011

On one of those rare winter days where the sun was shining and it was actually a little warmer, we detoured from our intended destination (Blake Island) and decided to anchor in Blakely Harbor for the first time.

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16 December 2010

Albion's first trip to south Puget Sound was a quick round-trip to pick up George's daughter Madeline who was on her winter break from Evergreen State.

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La Conner to Langley

3 December 2010

We were curious about the Swinomish Channel and I had wanted to visit La Conner for many years so we decided to skip another crossing of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and play motor boat for a while.

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Inati Bay

27 November 2010

After weathering a snowstorm over Thanksgiving in Bellingham, we decided to wait out the next gale in Inati Bay on the east side of Lummi Island, about seven miles southwest of Bellingham.

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Mystery Bay

19 November 2010

You can find Mystery Bay at 48 03.38' N 122 41.83' W, on US chart 18464. It is a little notch in the middle of the western shore of Marrowstone Island, to the east of Port Townsend, Washington. It's about halfway down Kilsuit Bay between Indian Island and Marrowstone Island.

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Port Madison and Blake Island with Sandy and Nikki

10 November 2010

Part of the process of cutting ties with our shore-based life was getting rid of our cars. George donated his to charity; I offered mine to my niece, Nikki.

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Slipless In Seattle

31 October 2010

At 1555 on Sunday, 31 October 2010, we officially became vagabonds and began our voyage to see what's out there.

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James Island

27 September 2010

We needed an excuse to sail and this time it was to deliver a sailcover George made for a former neighbor and to give away our old spinnaker pole. Neither delivery happened, but that's ok.

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Shilshole to Kingston

04 July 2009

We decided to take a break from boatwork and take friends and family on a Fourth of July daysail.

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Manzanita Bay to Port Orchard

22 May 2009

We'd read about Manzanita Bay and had heard about it from friends, but had never been there. The sail over was warm and sunny, but not very windy. We arrived at the bay about 2:30 in the afternoon and dropped the hook in about 5 fathoms.

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Port Townsend for WOA

27 August, 2009

At last year's Westsail Owners' Association Rendevous in Port Townsend, George volunteered to organize the 2009 Rendevous. I decided that I would take a backseat (out of self-preservation) and let him handle it. And handle it he did. Beautifully.

Westsail Owners

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Blake Island

3 August, 2008

Blake Island is a popular destination for Puget Sound sailors, as the usually crowded conditions in the small marina will testify.

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26 August, 2008

We received a phone call from a former neighbor, and one of George's current poker buddies, Peter White, who suggested we all go sailing on Albion. We thought this was a great idea.

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Eagle Harbor

16 February, 2008

In our third trip since we decided to start sailing again even if the tank project is still in progress, we decided to go to an old favorite, Eagle Harbor.

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Bell Harbor

20 January, 2008

Nikki, our Boat Cat, woke me up early. Well, not really early--she usually waits until after 6 am, but I really wanted the extra sleep today. Ah well, got my cup of caffeine and am trying to get motivated. Last week...

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Port Madison

12 Jan 2008

It's been 3 years and 11 days since we've had Albion under way. Going to sea for wages and taking her apart to replace the tanks have kept her tied to the dock.

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28 Oct 2004

Poulsbo is a small town across Puget Sound from Seattle. Don't miss Sunday brunch at the bakeries!

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Bell Harbor with Becky and Barb

August, 2003

My sister Becky and her partner Barb came to visit this month. They stayed on my boat at Ballard Mill and I moved in temporarily with George.

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San Juan Islands

24 Jul 2002

The San Juan Islands are 60 miles North of Seattle, at the East end of the Strait of San Juan de Fuca. (pronounced fyoo'-kuh)
The San Juans were carved from the native granite by the glaciers of the last ice age.

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Victoria, B.C

20 Jul 2002

Victoria, British Columbia, is one of our favorite destinations. The inner harbor is nestled between the hundred year old Empress hotel and Parliament House.

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Kingston, WA

23 Jun 2002

Kingston, Washington is a small town about 6 miles NE of Shilshole Bay, on the West side of Puget Sound.

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Where She's Going

13 Jun 2002

Everyone has a "wish list" of where they want to go when they get "Out There". Here are a few of ours. Maybe we'll meet you there and trade tales of the storms we survived, the landfalls we made and the people we met.

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